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Technology Park Expansion Project

Illustration of proposed tech park expansionBuilding upon the success of the existing Cal Poly Technology Park, Cal Poly is planning the expansion of the park designed to encourage and facilitate innovation in an interdisciplinary environment that brings together students, faculty, and businesses. The expanded Technology Park will make propriety space available to Cal Poly industry partners aligning the University’s mission of student success and industry’s workforce and innovation needs. Industry partners will leverage specialized infrastructure and laboratories, but more importantly develop early and lasting relationships with the workforce of the future.

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If your business would like to have immediate access to Cal Poly’s world-class students and faculty in order to grow and innovate, consider utilizing space at the Cal Poly Technology Park. Please contact Jim Dunning at 805-756-5551 or

Cal Poly Tech Park from Cal Poly IGEE on Vimeo.

About the Technology Park

The Cal Poly Technology Park is truly an ideal location -- a home on campus for technology-based businesses, particularly firms engaged in applied research and development to connect with faculty and students year round.

The Technology Park, located on Cal Poly’s campus and adjacent to the campus core, sits atop a dense network of fiber cable for high-speed access to the internet usually only found in major cities.

The Technology Park also provides access to a well-educated and motivated workforce as well as a network of expert university faculty. Tenants at the Cal Poly Tech Park have access to the following benefits:

  • Opportunities to collaborate with world-class Cal Poly faculty, who focus on applied research and who are strategically positioned for collaborations with industry.
  • Access to highly qualified student part-time and temporary workers, interns and future employees.
  • Proximity to like-minded technology companies, fostering opportunities for interaction and collaboration.
  • Strategic location midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles with convenient access to the San Luis Obispo County Airport.
  • Competitive labor, facility and telecommunications costs.
  • Access to high quality fiber-optic networks connecting the Pan-Pacific and North American networks.

Connections with Cal Poly Students

Are you looking to connect with the next generation of innovators? Do you want access to Cal Poly students to help as part-time staff throughout the academic year, summer interns/employees, and eventually new hires? Consider opening an office in the Cal Poly Technology Park.


The Cal Poly Technology Park is located in San Luis Obispo -- a desirable and prosperous region on the central coast of California. San Luis Obispo is an attractive alternative to the hyper-competitive real estate and labor markets elsewhere in the state, and thus is an emerging hub for technology and business innovation and growth. Additionally, San Luis Obispo’s quality of life is ideal for companies that have adopted progressive wellness policies that put health and work-life-balance at the core of its employee relations strategies. The region has numerous opportunities for outdoor recreation, creative arts, and culture. San Luis Obispo is easily accessible via car or plane. Nearly 10% of Fortune 1000 companies are within an hour’s airtime from Cal Poly. San Luis Obispo Regional Airport boasts daily direct flights from San Francisco, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Denver, and Seattle. Both San Francisco and Los Angeles are reachable within three hours by car. The major agricultural centers of the Central Valley are conveniently located, with Fresno and Bakersfield both reachable within two-and-a-half hours by car.

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Cal Poly -- a comprehensive polytechnic university, with nationally renowned educational programs in engineering and other technical fields, an emphasis in applied research, is uniquely positioned to be an engine of innovation, technology transfer, and high-tech economic development with our industry partners.

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