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Eco-Friendly Glue Partnership

New eco-friendly glue designed by Cal Poly Chemistry lab leads to Public-Private Partnership

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Cal Poly's Tech Park, Pier, and the Blue Economy

Cal Poly's Tech Park Expansion and Pier Present Exciting Opportunities in Wind Power

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Tech Transfer

Ever wondered if you could start a business with your idea or benefit an existing one?

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photo of the outside of the cal poly tech park

What is the Tech Park?

Learn more about how the Cal Poly Technology Park works.

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student and professor working in a lab

$2.89M Regenerative Medicine Award

Cal Poly is awarded $2.89M to prepare a diverse group of undergraduates for careers in regenerative medicine.

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Focused on Applied Research through Cal Poly's "Learn By Doing" Philosophy.


Our polytechnic, interdisciplinary focus gives us a great advantage in solving today’s scientific and technical challenges, which often cross traditional academic disciplines. Our unique approach creates a superb environment for:

Corporate Engagement and Innovation at Cal Poly (CEI) assists university innovators and industry partners in:

  • Researcher/Faculty proposal development and agreement negotiation with for-profit companies
  • Confidentiality and collaboration agreements including research contracts
  • Assessment for patent/IP protection through the Tech Transfer office
  • Marketing/commercializing innovation with industry partners

CEI also manages Cal Poly's Technology Park.


Faculty Researchers

Student doing experiment


Several different mechanisms are available to work with industry partners depending on the type of collaboration.

Learn about working with industry in your classroom or on your research projects.

Industry Collaborators

Industry collaborators in a field


Cal Poly welcomes the opportunity to join with private companies in partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

Learn how collaborating with Cal Poly researchers can improve your business or product.


Technology Transfer

Various Scientific Concepts


Cal Poly has an active technology transfer program helping translate the university's intellectual property into commercial practice for public good.

Learn about working with Cal Poly to commercialize innovations.

Technology Park

Tech Park West Elevation


Cal Poly's hands-on approach to learning and research translates into need-based, practical innovations for business.

Learn about working with Cal Poly to meet your business goals.

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