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Technology Park

On the Cal Poly Campus at Mt. Bishop & Highland Drive
San Luis Obispo, CAlifornia  93407

The Cal Poly Technology Park is a home on campus for technology-based businesses -- particularly firms engaged in applied research and development. The park increases collaboration between Cal Poly and industry and enhances the ability of park tenants to draw from the expertise of Cal Poly faculty and students.

A university-related technology park is not an industrial park. Nor is it a “research” park in the sense currently used by many private, non-university affiliated business parks, or simply an attractive environment for R&D companies. The connections between the tenants and the university are clear and explicit and drive all decision-making relative to the direction and future development of the park.

The Cal Poly-affiliated technology park has two basic functions: first, to foster the exchange of technical knowledge and expertise between the educational and business communities; and second, to provide physical space and services to facilitate this exchange. The park is envisioned as housing two kinds of entrepreneurial entities: "permanent" business tenants who engage in research and development activities and wish to be close to and collaborate with University faculty and students; and emerging companies that require the attendant support services and assistance of a transitional, incubator environment. Increasing evidence shows that both forms of activity are achievable and are of real benefit to the campus. Local companies, as well as others from outside the community, are currently and continue to express serious interest in being permanent tenants in a Cal Poly technology park.

Criteria have been developed to determine “eligibility” of businesses for tenancy in the technology park. The business should be technology-based with a focus complementary to Cal Poly’s technical programs. It should also be able to demonstrate how location on the campus and access to students and faculty will be beneficial to both the business and the university. A significant aspect of the business should be applied research and advanced development. The scope of R&D activities in the park will ideally represent a broad array of technology areas that mesh with Cal Poly’s curricular strengths and faculty expertise.

Contact: Jim Dunning - (805) 756-5551 or

Learn more about the Technology Park Expansion project.

Current Tenants:

Applied Biotechnology Institute (ABI)

ABI logo

ABI provides research and consulting services for private companies, government institutions and NGO’s. Specializing in plant biotechnology, the company has extensive experience in products targeted for industrial, animal health, human health and crop improvement markets.

Cal Poly Center for Health Research 

Center for Health Research Logo

Our mission is to facilitate transdisciplinary research in the prevention and treatment of obesity and related chronic diseases. Our research spans from the cellular to social-ecological, promotes health equity, and leads to improved quality of life across the lifespan.

Cal Poly Digital Transformation Hub powered by Amazon Web Services

Amazon logo

The Cal Poly Digital Transformation Hub provides students with experiential learning opportunities in the public sector. Cal Poly has a respected history and passion for the Learn by Doing approach to education and Amazon Web Services is a leading provider of scalable cloud computing services. As the world’s first university-based innovation program powered by AWS, the Cal Poly DxHub is dedicated to connecting public sector organizations with engaged students and world-class technology expertise.


Exclusive Networks

Exclusive Networks logo

Exclusive Networks is a global trusted cybersecurity specialist for digital infrastructure helping to drive the transition to a totally trusted digital future for all people and organizations.



Wildnote app logo

HaptX is a leading haptics company that brings realistic touch to virtual reality for the first time with HaptX Gloves.



Microcon logo

Microcon is a custom software design and development business developing applications for client/server, web, and mobile platforms. Microcon’s areas of expertise include restaurant and hospitality, multi-unit operators, POS integration, mobile, and web service applications. Specialties include cloud-based HR/onboarding software, and custom software development. Microcon celebrates its 33rd anniversary in 2016.


SoCreate logo

Soon we'll make it fun and easy to turn that idea into a movie script! SoCreate is working on a new way for people of all ages to transform their amazing stories into scripts for movies and TV shows. This process will be as easy as posting status updates on Facebook! Before you know it, you'll be writing your very own movie, TV show, theatrical play, or YouTube masterpiece. It'll be that easy. If you’re interested in seeing your brilliance on The Big Screen, join the revolution by signing up for updates on our progress and a chance to gain access to our beta.


SRI International

SRI logo

SRI International is an independent, nonprofit research institute with a rich history of supporting government and industry. For 75 years, SRI has led the discovery and design of ground-breaking products, technologies and industries – collaborating across technical and scientific disciplines to generate real innovation and create high value for our clients.

Cal Poly Strawberry Center

Strawberry Center logo

The Cal Poly Strawberry Center, a partnership between the California Strawberry Commission (CSC) and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, strives to increase the sustainability of California strawberry growers through research and education that addresses grower needs as well as student workforce training and readiness. The Center forms an integral part of the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences (CAFES) and fosters interaction between the university and industry, consistent with the goals of Cal Poly. Working with faculty in many departments across several colleges, Center faculty and staff conduct multi-disciplinary applied research, employ and train students, teach formal courses and provide guest lectures in related courses. The Center hosts several courses in its strawberry fields and plant pathology and entomology labs, as well as a wide array of visitors from national and international research institutions, private industry and political organizations.

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